About Us (so far...) feb 2019

Lemon Squeezy Records started out “Not” as a record label in 2016, but as a group of individuals that met twice a week for orchestra practice. We were part of, then, the Mbabane Chamber Orchestra. Two years on and we have released our very first record – Willy by The Majix. The record label came about in its own way by necessity. We needed a way to release music so we sought some advice from a prolific Deep House UK Producer/Artist/DJ Andy Compton of The Rurals and Peng Records. He explained if we have some actual good music then we need to give ourselves a name, a logo and find a good distributor. Then he gave us a whole host of website links to get us to understand the complexities of the music industry and the long drawn out affair of releasing a song when in our position which was “we’d never released a song!”. So that is exactly what we have done.


Along the way we have all in one way or another worked with and without all of the artists that have recorded with us. For so long it was just Saturday and Sunday Sessions, food, wine and loud music. These days we are more serious about what we spend our time on and what warrants the efforts. There are also agreements, contracts, legal ins and outs, but still the music comes first. I mean that’s what it’s all about, but we need to get the official releases done in a structured and proper manner so as to protect all of us in case one of our songs goes global!


Current artists we have recorded or worked with are as follows.


Majahonkhe Nikita Ngwenya

Sakhile Kathwane

Xolani Tsela

Neliswa Bhembe

Harold Horton

Ralph Louis Smit

Simphiwe MacDaddy XI Nkambule

Kholè Tshabalala

Samkeliso Dlamini

Bheki Nhleko


As with any project there are challenges. Thankfully talent is not one of them otherwise the project simply would not have taken off. The biggest challenge we face is time. We are all in one way or another in fulltime work so that leaves just evenings for producing and weekends for recording or get togethers to work out what to do with this or that song. We have quite a large catalogue of songs that are either just started, midway or being close to being fully mastered and released. So Finishing songs is another challenge. With so many ideas arising from creating so much content we have to slow down sometimes and continue producing the songs that have real potential.

Our next song to be released is a true gem and that’s no understatement. The song is called “Ignite” and features “Neliswa Bhembe” on vocals and “Majahonkhe Nikita Ngwenya (Majix)” on the piano. The lyrics are based on the surname Ndlovu and its’ following given prayer names. From the listeners that we have sampled it with, it has been an instant hit. Before we officially release it, we’ll be releasing small samples on Facebook to wet the appetite of our current users and hopefully gain a bit of a buzz about the song as it is certainly a favourite where ever it’s heard as well as here at the studio.


You can follow us on Facebook www.facebook.com/lemonsqueezyrecords to keep up to date or you can see our website for more in-depth information about each song. www.lemonsqueezyrecords.com


The Studio is unfortunately, not available to hire. The studio is in place for the creation of music that we see as having something original and memorable about it. But we’re always willing to listen to an artist’s demos or recordings in any capacity. If we see potential then we will work with anyone and pay them for their time and also bind them in our release contract for future royalties should the song they work on be a success. However, we are extremely busy with a lot of unfinished songs so cannot take on a new song at this time of writing, but we’re will listen to all who have the means of getting us to hear them.